From today, with hOn’s Stain Tips Smart Widget, even the most stubborn stains will no longer be a problem.

Now and again everyone has a stain or two on their clothes that just won’t go away. But, from today, you can say goodbye forever to stubborn stains! Thanks to the Stain Tips Smart Widget, the solution for removing even the most stubborn stains is now within reach of … an app.

How does it work? Simple:

  1. Open the hOn app, and, on the Home Page, in the “Your Smart Widgets” section, tap on “Stain Tips”;
  2. Select the type of stain and the material and colour of your garment;
  3. And there you will have the very best advice on the pre-treatment and most suitable washing programme for your favourite garment.

How to get rid of coffee stains

In the morning, a good coffee can wake us up and help us start the day on the right foot … unless it ends up on our freshly ironed white shirt! But don’t panic: if possible, treat the stain immediately with Marseille soap and warm water. If the stain is already dry, however, it may help to moisten it with a little alcohol. Then, wash it as usual, following the advice in the Stain Tips Smart Widget to help you choose the best washing cycle and not ruin the fabric.

How to get rid of red wine stains

We know, red wine can also be a nightmare when it ends up on our favourite clothes. But don’t worry, even in this case, hOn has the solution! Just wet the stain immediately with sparkling water or lemon juice, rub with liquid detergent or a stain remover, and leave for 30 minutes. More resistant fabrics can be soaked in water and sodium percarbonate.

Finally, select the washing programme recommended by the Stain Tips Smart Widget and start the washing machine: that’s it!

Want to know more and always receive just the right advice for you? Don’t hesitate to download the hOn app and try out all the new features offered by the family of Smart Widgets.

26 July 2023 hOn