hOn app: your smart life companion

Not just a mobile app. hOn is a living ecosystem for your smart appliances to simplify and improve the quality of your daily life. Both at home and outside.

We have designed hOn
with your needs in mind


hOn means a better daily life for everybody, evolving with new features and advantages while providing outstanding experiences based on the actual appliances you own.


hOn is thought to be fully accessible and easy to use for everybody, no matter how familiar you are with new technologies.


hOn enriches your home with a dynamic experience hub, welcoming multi-brand appliances and useful additional services.

Introducing the app you
dreamed of

Everything under control, even when you're not there

Maintenance made simple: you can constantly monitor the health of your fridge, oven or dishwasher and get notifications about their status.

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You can check the real time performances of your appliances anytime, anywhere, with handy information and clear statistics.

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Make the most
out of your

You will never forget laundry in the washing machine again. And you won't have to leave the couch to check on your roast. hOn allows you to check activity’s progress and remaining time, also remotely.

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With hOn and Vivino, your wine cellar becomes smart.

Explore all the smart features: create your own wine list, manage it and always make the ideal food pairings.