Get the best results with Ariel suggestions and wash your laundry with cold water. Find out how to do it perfectly! 

If you want to wash your laundry in an environmentally friendly way and reduce your CO2 emissions, you should know that higher is the washing temperature, higher are the GHG emissions, and higher are your electricity bills. “But cold water can’t guarantee optimal washing results”, some of you would say. Are you sure it is really true? Let’s find out how Ariel and hOn can help you to make a change. 

Is washing in colder temperatures ineffective? 

Old habits die hard, we understand. We’ve been washing with warm water for so long that we still think that the only way to get impeccably clean clothes is to turn up the temperature. Many of us still believe that turning down the temperature will compromise our clothes’ cleanliness. Thankfully, nowadays this is not true anymore due to recent innovations developed by appliances and detergents manufacturers. In recent years, washing machines have made great strides in improving their efficiency. Ariel, a well-known detergent manufacturer, thanks to its expertise and its commitment to protect the environment, has developed detergents suitable for low-temperatures, so cold washing can still give you a brilliant clean!

What are the benefits of washing in cold water?

Even small things can have a great effect, and this is true when it comes to washing in colder temperatures too. Here are the most important benefits of turning down the temperature on your washer: 

  • Protect colours from running; 
  • Minimise the risk of shrinkage
  • Prolong the lifespan of your clothes
  • Pay less on your electricity bills by saving up to 60% energy; 
  • Reduce your laundry’s CO2 emissions and reduce your carbon footprint. 

How to wash your clothes in an eco-friendly way with Ariel & hOn 

Ariel & hOn will be your allies in washing your clothes in an eco-friendly way. Follow these 4 steps: 

  • Use the right laundry products: washing in cold water is really simple as long as you have the right laundry detergent. Use Ariel All-in-1 PODS® washing capsules after loading your washer and set your machine to a colder setting. The power of Ariel will take care of the rest thanks to its our unique combination of cleaning actives, including proprietary enzymes and cleaning boosters. These make sure that you get a brilliant cleaning removing tough stains even in colder temperatures, and you’ll get a deep, hygienic clean while being able to reduce your carbon footprint.  Check out the Tips&Hints on your hOn app in order to get more information on which is the ideal product for your laundry needs. 
  • Choose a cold cycle: your hOn app will help you in this step. Go to the program list of your washing machine. Thanks to the filtering tool, you can have a list of the most eco-friendly programs, including our new Ariel cycles. 
  • Keep monitoring your progress: the hOn app provides you insightful statistics in order to monitor your washing behaviour and see your progress. For example you can check out the distribution of the washing temperatures of the cycles you launched.  
  • Take care of your washing machine: Large amounts of energy go into manufacturing a new washing machine and imagine the emissions produced by shipping it to your home. So, the most eco-friendly choice is to take care of your own washing machine in order to increase its lifespan and postpone as much as possible the moment when you will buy a new one. The hOn app, in the maintenance section, will give you some tools to keep your washer’s health status optimal.  

With all this in mind, are you ready to wash colder?  Every degree makes a difference!  

15 June 2022 hOn