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How many languages is the hOn app available in?

The hOn app will soon be available in 18 languages (EN, IT, FR, ES, DE, RU, PT, PL, NL, EL, CS, ZH, TR, RO, SL, SR, HR, SK).

What is the Virtual Wine Cellar?

The Virtual Wine Cellar is an additional free module integrated into the hOn app, thanks to which you can have the inventory of your wine bottles with you at all times, wherever you may be.

Does the Virtual Wine Cellar have to be paired with a product?

No, the Virtual Wine Cellar module can be activated regardless of whether or not you have made a purchase or own a wine cooler.

What do I have to do to activate the Virtual Wine Cellar?

1) You have to create your profile or log in to the app. 2) From the homepage, click on “Find out more” and scroll upwards. 3) Click on “Activate your wine cellar”.

What languages is the Virtual Wine Cellar available in?

The Virtual Wine Cellar is available in: EN, IT, FR, ES, DE.

Can the hOn Virtual Wine Cellar app be used outdoors?

Yes, you can manage your Virtual Wine Cellar when out and about, with any internet network.


I already have a Wizard / Simply-Fi / U + / E-Picurien account. Do I need to create a new account for hOn?

Yes, but you can use the same e-mail address and password as those used for your Simply-Fi, Wizard, U + or E-Picurien account to log in to the hOn app (without having to re-register). The two profiles will remain separate: your Wizard app profile will still show your appliances while the hOn app profile will initially appear empty.

Do I need to have an internet connection to use the hOn Virtual Wine Cellar?

Your smartphone needs to be connected to a normal data network or Wi-Fi network.

Can I pair more than one appliance belonging to the same category with the same app profile?

Yes, with hOn you can pair, for example, two washing machines (even by different brands) to the same user profile.


Does the hOn app comply with General Data Protection Regulations?

Yes, hOn is based on a brand-new “safe by design” IoT platform. We have also additionally improved the protection of our users’ personal data.


Who can I contact for further information or assistance?

You can contact us at the following e-mail address:

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